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So you got hold of a split board. Wise investment. So the question is where are you going to get the experience to use this gear to its capacity and where are you going to use it?

Our Mt Cook Splitboard Camp is situated in the Liebig Range. There is no other tour that can come close to the experience of skiing or snowboarding in the Liebig Range. The Liebigs sit just east of Mount Cook and the Main Divide. They feature extensive valley systems, with mellow to steep runs across all aspects. They offer great options for touring in nearly all weather and snow conditions. We will have access to thousands of square miles of terrain. The terrain we ride will suit the ability level and pace of our group.

There is a huge amount of terrain that we can access and our guides know how to find whatever it is that you are looking for. We’ll be riding untamed big mountain terrain – usually only visited by heliskiers. The scale, vastness and beauty is awe-inspiring. Our goal is to find the best powder you have ever experienced. There are no groomed runs here, all of the riding is in the backcountry and provided by Mother Nature. We aim to ride untracked snow on every run.

4 Days of Up-skilling
If you’re serious about using that equipment in the environment it was designed for, and progressing your skills, this is the tour for you. You will learn first hand from our guides who are  professionals, trained and certified through the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association or IFMGA training program. They will show you how to use your equipment with greater efficiency, which becomes very important as you “earn your turns”. You will also be helped to refine your skinning and climbing technique. Learn pro-tips for looking after your skins. Get safety tips for enjoying the terrain safely. Consider this camp as four days of solid up-skilling.

We’ll be able to address all your questions in the field:
Do you know how to use this gear effectively, efficiently and safely? What are the limitations of skins? When do you need crampons? When should you stop and put on crampons? You want to get an appreciation of avalanche awareness? Safe route selection? Safe camping spots? How confident are you in Alpine Survival? Have you got emergency satellite communications? Avalanche transceiver? How to use an ice axe?

And the gear? 
We can provide all of the safety gear, and tents, inclusive. We can also provide anything else you need for a very reasonable price. It’s a great opportunity to try out gear, and snow camping/splitting in some awesome terrain.


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