Think heli-skiing is out of your reach? We think not.
We’re here to spread the truth about heli-skiing and why you should be making the flight up-hill this season…

MYTH: Heli-skiing is only for pro-riders.
FACT: You don’t need to have the backcountry skills of Travis Rice to be able to heli-ski. In fact, as long as you’re a strong intermediate rider and comfortable in variable terrain, you’re ready to take the plunge! Plus, there are many tour options that allow you to start off small, and make your way up to riding those gnarly big mountain lines.

MYTH: It’s all about jumping out of helicopters and riding massive spines and gnarly cliffs in Alaksa
FACT: We’d all love to be hucking it off a perfectly-aligned spine into waist deep powder, but in reality, heli-skiing is a lot more mellow; but also a lot more fun! Think long rolling tree runs, snowy bowls, chutes and deep powder basins. There’s terrain to cater for all abilities, and plenty of opportunities to float smooth turns through untouched powder. And just to clear it up, there will be no jumping out of helicopters just yet.

MYTH: I need to have all the right equipment to be able to go… Safety first!
FACT: Having the correct safety gear (and knowing how to use it) is important when venturing into the backcountry, but don’t fret… there is no need to buy up big to go heli-skiing. The heli-operators have all the safety and backcountry equipment you need, and provide comprehensive training so you know how to use them before you even set foot inside the heli. They’ll show you how to use radios and transceivers, as well as avalanche rescue techniques and heli safety, so you will feel confident making those powder turns. But remember, riding big mountain heli-terrain is in a whole different ballpark so it’s important you do have a snowboard suitable to powder conditions.

MYTH: It’s dangerous! What about avalanches?
FACT: Sadly, Mother Nature is a fickle creature and avalanches do happen every now and again, however, it’s unlikely that something will go wrong. Your qualified guides know every inch of the mountain and it’s snowpack, and continually assess the snow conditions throughout the course of the day, avoiding any areas that may have the potential to slide (even on the mildest of descents). These guys have your back at all times, and your pre-heli training will make you feel at ease in the big mountains.

MYTH: It’s too expensive… I can’t afford that!
FACT: You could spend hours trekking up the hill for just a few memorable runs or you could sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while you’re being fast-tracked to snowboarder heaven. Sure, it may look pricey but included in that price is the cost of aviation fuel, safety equipment, and professional guiding, all bundled together to ensure you score the best pow runs of your life. You’ll find many who heli-ski don’t have lot of time to hit the slopes each season, so they work hard and save up to be able to enjoy a few unforgettable days each year. With no lift lines, no crowded lodges, no sweating, and free mountain views, it definitely makes it worth saving every penny for heli-ski!

Drop into some fresh powder this season. For a heli-skiing day that’s nothing short of epic, check out our heli-tours below…


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