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Why riding with chicks is better!

Grab your girls (and your boards)
Here are the top 5 reasons why riding with chicks is better!

1. Fast doesn’t always equal fun:  Female snowboarders are rubbing shoulders with the pros and holding their own in the park, pipe and in the backcountry. We are are no longer stuck riding with our brothers or male counterparts, who seem to be content with spending their days riding at break-neck speeds from top to bottom of a hill. Give us long and cruisy groomers, or slow and satisfying powder tree runs any day! Or grab your closest female friend, head to the park, and hit those rails! Riding with chicks, there are no rules, and nowhere is off limits!

2. Patience is a virtue (that apparently only chicks have!): Most of us have been there; strapped in for the first time, holding our boyfriend’s hand as they show us leaf turns. That is until frustrations hit boiling point and we are left alone on the slopes with an icy bum, sore wrists, and a battered ego. This is where your gal-pals come to the rescue. Not only do we laugh at each others inability to skate or lack of co-ordination, we are also the hand that pulls you up and encourages you to try again. Riding with chicks, we’ve always got your back.

3. Boys don’t understand the purpose of lift riding: No, I don’t want to see your go-pro footage one more time. I also don’t particularly care about why you chose Flow bindings instead of normal ones. I don’t know if it’s an attempt to impress (it’s not working), or if silence makes you uncomfortable, but riding lifts with the boys can be a bore-fest. Let me sit here and enjoy the view, catch my breath, laugh at the matching outerwear of the riders in front, and maybe drop snowballs onto skiers below. I might even sing along to the song playing in my headphones. Riding with chicks, we understand lift riding time.

4. Sharing is (not) caring: Can you film my awesome jump?”. Posts to Facebook. “Smile for a candid photo!”. Tweets it. I admit, there are many hardcore snowboarding females who also enjoy posting a selfie or two on social media. Bragging rights. But there is a place and a time, and that is back in our chalet PRE-riding. When our face isn’t red from the icy wind, and our hair isn’t dreadlocked from our beanies. Riding with chicks, we all understand the CODE.

5. Chicks are more prepared: There have been many times that my male friends have laughed at me for doing a downward dog in the carpark, or a tree pose waiting in the lift line. I’m always having the last laugh at the end of the day when their muscles are too tight and sore to climb the stairs back to our chalet. Riding with chicks, a pre-snowboarding yoga session, and an afternoon stretch are part of our routine to keep our muscles in shape for the next day. Riding with chicks, our pockets are always stuffed with the core essentials for a long day on the slopes – chapstick, tissues, and fun sized Mars Bars!

Chicks rule!

Want to meet up and ride with other female snowboarders?
Join our Mint Chicks Tour this winter as we head back to snowy New Zealand for our inaugural week of chicks-only shredding! Perfect for the solo shredder or gal pals wanting to gain some skill progression, conquer new terrain, and meet other local snowboarders.

Places filling up fast for this season, so contact Mint Tours on 1300-205-609.

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