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Winter Essentials

Time to go snowboarding! Are you ready?

Winter is here! Before you head to the hill, check out our list of essentials to take on your next snowboarding trip!

1. SNOWBOARD – Whether you’re hitting the park at Cardrona, riding deep powder in Niseko, or going heli in Alaska, there are many options for weapon of choice. Make sure you’re packing the best board for the conditions. PRO TIP: Take your board for a wax and tune before your trip. It makes a hell of a difference and you’re ready to rip it from day one.

2. BOOTS – Check the condition of your boots. If they’re too packed out, smelly, and have seen better days, chances are you’re gonna have a bad time. Head to your local snowboard shop and get fitted up for a new pair. PRO TIP: If you’re layering socks to fit your boots, it’s time for a new pair. Just remember, that those shiny new boots may need breaking in before your trip.

3. BINDINGS – Strap yourself in and pop an ollie. Make sure all the straps and fittings are in good nick, and all the nuts and bolts are accounted for. It’s also a good time to dial in your stance. Busting a binding mid-run is a bastard! PRO TIP: The good thing about bindings are they’re easy to adjust to suit your style. Want to ride park? Centre the stance on the board, for powder days you want a longer nose, so set your stance back to create more float. Check out our clip with kiwi pro-rider Nick Hyne on how to set up your powder board…VIEW HERE

4. OUTERWEAR – The magic words are waterproofing and breathability. Snowboarding is fun until you’re sitting there shivering on a chairlift. Whistler, Vail, Revelstoke, Myoko… they all have different conditions. Match your outerwear to the place and time of season you are heading into. Don’t forget a powder skirt if your travelling to the magical land of pow! As for gloves, taking a few different pairs is highly recommended, with inner liners for any go-pro / iPod / binding adjustments. PRO TIP: Choose mittens for warmth, and gloves for dexterity. Everyone has a personal preference. Remember, pipe gloves should be reserved for…well, the pipe.

5. THERMALS – Snowboarders are like onions… they have layers! Invest in merino wool thermals to stay toasty and warm in all conditions. Avoid cotton socks at all costs, but thin socks (with no calf seams) are all you need. Beanies, face mask, neck warmer. You’re about to experience a whole new level of cold outside Australia, so layer up!

6. GOGGLES – The key is being prepared for all light conditions: low-light, high-glare, fog, snowy, night sessions. Not being able to see ruins any day on the slopes. Investing in a good pair of goggles with interchangeable lens’ will save you from that annoying sprint back to your room for your other pair. If you’re starting out, go for an orange or pink universal lens that will suit most conditions. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunnies for backcountry missions and spring sessions! PRO TIP: Pack your goggles into your boots to give them extra protection from the ‘gentle’ baggage handlers.

7. HELMET – Wear one. And make sure you try your helmet and goggles on together for the perfect fit. No one likes that ‘gaper’ look. PRO TIP: Running out of room in your board bag? Clip your helmet onto your carry on and you can always just say you’re being prepared for any mid-air turbulence.

8. TOOL – Bring one to make those mid-run tweaks to your setup.

9. WAX & IRON – Mother Nature can be a fickle creature, so bring along some wax, an iron and a scraper to get the best out of your board. PRO TIP: Choose the right temp wax to suit the conditions. If in doubt, a good all-temp wax will do the trick.

10. WHEELIE BOARD BAG – Airports suck without wheels. Trust me. Unless you’re a Tetris pro and able to stack all your luggage on one of those airport trolleys (which always seem to have a dodgy wheel), choose a high-quality board bag with in-built wheels. Opt for a padded bag as well, to reduce the risk of scratches and dings. Don’t forget an approved TSA lock (or cables ties work a charm) to secure your ‘precious’. PRO TIP: If you’re taking two boards (lucky you), make a snowboard-sandwich in your board bag, with your top board base facing upward, bindings still attached. It gives you a little extra protection for your gear and stops everything from moving around.

11. MEDICAL ESSENTIALS – We all know the most important thing to remember is protection. A lick of sunscreen will make a world of difference to your face. We also like to pack Deep Heat (aka tiger balm) for those sore muscles, and Berocca (for those early mornings *wink wink). PRO TIP: You’re never too manly for lip balm.

Preparation is the key to making a good snowboarding trip your best one yet. But don’t fret: Mint Tours have got your back! We know all the in’s and out’s of preparing for THE ultimate snowboarding trip. Hit us up for advice on the essential gear to take on your next adventure




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